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Hi, I’m Rachel.

I’m a UX designer with a background in graphic design and non-profit work. I am a solution-forward problem-solver by day and amateur ukulele player by night.

My Approach

01 Find the Need


Investigate the problem, learn about competitors, get to know the needs of the users. Good design comes from great information.

02 Make It Personal

Persona Building

Coalesce the research data into primary and secondary personas with specific needs and goals.

03 Share Ideas


More minds are better than one. Collaboration generates richer ideas.

04 Get it on paper


Ideas are easier to iterate when they’re down on paper or up on a whiteboard. Don’t talk about it, get it on paper…so we can talk about it.

05 More Fidelity


From sketches to wireframes, wireframes to prototypes. All in collaboration with stakeholders and developers.

06 Test It


User tests lead to better iterations.

Design Thinking

Good design isn’t a matter of pairing the right typeface with a gorgeous color palette. Good design is the balance of form and function. It is about giving the user what they expect, and then taking them beyond those expectations. Good design is about clarity.

As a graphic designer, my focus was never on just making things beautiful, it was on making things functional by solving a problem. It is a process that involves research, iteration and testing; and if I’ve done the process correctly, there will be an inherent beauty in the solution because it is functional, addresses the user need and communicates clearly. Of course type choices, color palettes, spacing and all the foundational principals of design are necessary too. It’s simply that those principals only applied the the end of the design process, not at the outset.

As a UX designer, my process is now more robust. More structured. But the goal is still the same: to achieve great designs through research, iteration and testing.